Spare parts (Consumables für Etch-, CVD- und PVD-Prozesse)

The requirements of the semiconductor industry on the quality of spare parts for the corresponding production facilities are increasing continiously. The different processes and areas of application of these spare parts require special materials and a high grade of precision and purity. Specially in plasma etching but also in coating processes (CVD, PVD) and in wet etching processes, these components are exposed to an aggressive and corrosive environment. Even is these operating conditions, the components shouldn‘t generate any contamination or particles and their lifetime in the process has to be sufficient in order to keep expenses for maintenance and spare parts requirements within economical limits. CE-MAT has the process-specific know-how for selecting the right material and manufacturing the corresponding components.

CE-MAT supplies components made of the following materials:

  • Quartz (fused or synthetic in various qualities)
  • Silicon (Monocryral, Multicrystal and Quasimonocrystal)
  • Singlecrystal Silicon (Waferadapter)
  • Ceramic (Oxideceramic, non-oxideceramic)
  • CVD-SiC (Waferdummies)
  • other materials on demand