Distribution of high performance sealing materials from PPE (Perlast®, Kimura® und Nanofluor®)

CE-MAT is distributor for sealing products from Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd (PPE), a leading supplier of high performance sealing materials for the semiconductor industry. PPE is part of the IDEX Sealing Solutions group in the IDEX Corporation.

PPE provides sealings that are manufactured in cleanrooms and that creates less particles and metal contaminations. These enhanced material properties offer the following advantages:

  • Longer lifetime
  • Longer mean time between failure (MTBF)
  • Less maintenance (wet cleaning and mechanical cleaning)
  • Lower Cost of Ownership (CoO) caused by lower Cost of Consumables (CoC) and less maintenance

PPE with it’s product lines Perlast®, Kimura® and Nanofluor® offers a wide range of sealing materials with perfect adaptation to different processes, locations and complexiblity of the endproducts.

PPE offers special nano-filled materials for aggressive plasma applications, that have better perfances then any other sealing materials from competitors in the semiconductor market.

The portfolio of semiconductor products from PPE consists o-rings, slit valve slides, KF/ISO/NW fittings, endeffector-pads and customized solutions.

How can we help? Contact us to discuss your requirements with our experts to find out the correct materials for your plasma process, thermal or wet etch application.